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In August of 2012, Mark Grace was arrested for his second DUI within 15 months. Thankfully, no one was injured by his lack of judgement. He was sentenced by the Maricopa County Superior Court to 4 months in jail, which he served in 2013, followed by 2 years of probation. Mark took full responsibility for his actions. He served his time and has not had a drink since his second offense. As anyone who has battled alcohol can attest, Grace will face a lifetime challenge to remain sober.

To that end, I'd like to welcome you to send a note of encouragement, hope or support to be posted here. Hopefully Mark will see these notes from his friends and fans and use them as inspiration to continue on his path of sobriety and responsibility.

Please keep your note positive (or else it won't be posted). Give Grace a virtual hug, remind him that we are all human, and that you are not judged by your mistakes but how you respond to them. Stay well Gracie... we're all pulling for you.

Brad Wackerlin
Creator and webmaster of

Fan Submitted Notes


I've been sober for 7 years now. As a kid and a big Cubs fan I collected all your baseball cards. I hope you're doing well. I heard you are coaching with the Diamondbacks now. I will have to take my son to a game and sit on on the first base side. Keep your head up.



Tonight my youngest daughter asked me about that player, that record we saw at Wrigley on August 2,1999. It was your 2000 base hit we saw. I reminded her and we shared the blessing. You're in the top three of my all time favorite players with Bench and Puckett. She was 10 then. Now a married woman. I closed our texting chat by the simple comment "his name is Grace." May your higher power give you the grace to embrace sobriety. May the power of twelve steps bring you the peace and joy and serenity that leads to a fullness of life beyond your imagination. And may I always cherish the moment of hit 2000.

Dale N.

Hello, I have been a Cubs fan since I was 6 years old, I am now 44 and have recently had severe health problems and one of those problems is that I had a heart attack and I have lost my memory. BUT I haven't lost my memory or love for my Cubs. Some of my Cubs memories are of Sosa and you Gracie! I Have always enjoyed watching my team, YES, my team trudge through difficulty, work incredibly for their fans, and try their hardest to get ahead to win. Mark Grace is one of those men that I have admired and rooted for, for many years and now I am truly missing that wonderful man and his talented baseball abilities.

I miss you Mark and I hope that life is continuing wonderfully for you and your friends and family. Many positive thoughts and prayers I send out regularly to you, and I hope your life is very loving and very wonderful everyday. I am an alcoholic and just recently I celebrated my 11 years of being sober. Thank you, really really THANK YOU!! You have shown me I am not alone and that there are several folks out there that need to repair themselves and what's around them. Keep your head up, be nice and kind to people and if you meet people like yourself that may need some help, go for it chip in as best you can. Thanks for being a great guy, please keep being great, PLEASE. Many more blessings and joy being sent to you from me.

Take good care!

Jennifer J.
Clarkesville, GA

Hey Mark,

Cubs are going to win tonight and I was hoping you would be there. Well I am just one of your admirers from long time ago and it breaks my heart to read that alcohol has taken control of you. Well, I am here to tell you, YOU with the GRACE of GOD will beat it. You are a remarkable man and full of goodness and love! I want you to know I will be lifting you in prayer everyday and praying you will let me know how you are doing! My mom was an alcoholic and before she died she finally got sober so I know darn well you can do it too. It will not be easy but if you surround yourself with good people and if you go to Church, I know Mark, you can become the man you used to be. If there is anything more I can do please let me know because you are so very special to me. God Bless You my friend and do not give up hope because we are all rooting for you!

Love In Christ,

Antoinette R.
Rayne, Louisiana

I have about 18 years in law enforcement and don't drink at all but I have seen people in and out of jail and in spirals that you can't imagine. I don't think I have seen someone with as much humility as Mark Grace! I also know that never before and sadly since have I enjoyed listening to ball games (and I grew up with Vin Scully) than hearing the great humour and perspective that Mark Grace brings! I sincerely hope he gets another chance in the booth! Make Diamondbacks fun again!

Daryl K.

Hi Mark,

You were my favorite player all during the 90s and beyond and even though I had to move on to LoDuca and Trout after you retired, I still remember you, Ryne and Sammy fondly. I actually still have a Mark Grace poster on my bedroom door....and I'm 74 for crying out loud! Mark, please don't put yourself in a position where you will leave us like Mickey Mantle did. Please know that there are many of us out here who miss seeing you on a regular basis. One of the best years of my life was you and Mattie winning the WS with the D'Backs in 2001. I actually cried (I know, there's no crying in baseball, but technically I wasn't "in" baseball, so I figured it was OK for me to lose it). Be strong Mark and next time you have that urge, just remember "Randy in California wouldn't want me to do this."

ALWAYS a huge Mark Grace fan.

Randy B.
Los Angeles, CA

Gracie, I had no idea about your current situation until just now, and my thoughts and prayers are with you. You're a class act, and a credit to the game of baseball, whether it's on the field or in the broadcast booth. I'll never forget your reaction in the dugout during Game 7 of the '01 World Series, both when Womack hit the double that tied the game & then a bit later when Gonzo finished it off—pure joy!

I wish you success & happiness, both in your battles with alcohol, and your future career, wherever that may be.  God bless!

Mike R.
St. Louis, MO

Hey Mark, do what you have to do to get back to baseball.  Many of us miss you and your ways in the booth, let alone as a great player.  Surely would like to see you in the Dback's booth again.  I've been a fan of yours for many years, both as a Cub and a Dback.

Mistakes are made. You've made yours and have paid dearly for it.  Come on back Gracie both to your family and your fans.



As a person who understands the power of addiction it is my sincere hope that you accept this disease and get back to baseball.  The game needs people who love it as much as you do.  I miss you in the broadcast booth. Good luck to you and your family.

Ellen D.

You are worth praying for, Mark . . . always my favorite D-Back, a regular guy, not to mention there is a place in the Hall of Fame for you.  God bless you and give you strength so I can see you leading a team to the World Series. 


I was a fan of yours even when you played for those damned Cubs against my Astros, and was delighted when you moved to the Diamondbacks shortly after i moved to Arizona.

It's 17.5 years since my last drink and I'll tell you what you've surely noticed already: It gets better. And better. You really do know a new freedom and a new happiness. Hang on and hang in, Mr. G.

Bert W.

Mark - still love you and support you as you go thru this speed bump. We loved you as a player and an announcer. What can be next? Anything you want! Take care of yourself and your boys. This too shall pass...

Bette Lu B.

Hey Mark-

Keep your head up! You have a lot of people pulling for you! You are the best fist baseman In my generation and whatever you do when you are out you will be the best at that too! I'll be looking for you in a baseball uniform very soon, best of luck!


Since I was a kid I have been in love with baseball. I played it and watch it and I never saw a guy who played better and had more fun than you. I am a lot older than you but I got a Lot of vicarious thrills watching you play for the Cubs and the D'Backs and our kids had only one favorite player --- you.

Now they have sons of their own and,believe it or not,you are their favorite player too(they are brainwashed on the Cubs). As our 8 year old grandson recently said "Mark Grace is going to make a big comeback and then when he wants to quit playing,I am going to play first base."

We can't wait till you make that comeback and wherever you are on the field or in the booth, that will be our favorite team. You are a winner.

Dick R.

Mark was my hero as a young Cub fan growing up in South Carolina.  My first three words were mom, dad and cubs, and as a fellow blonde-haired lefty first baseman, he was truly my idol.  As I grew up, I've come to appreciate how Mark has always been the consummate professional, and I'm proud of the way he has handled himself throughout what I can only imagine has been a harrowing experience.  Get well, Mark.  Your fans love you, and we're rooting for you.

Greenville, SC

Dear Mark,
I have been a fan of your when you were in Chicago and I used to come to something like 50+ games a year as a resident of Wrigleyville.   I haven't followed baseball since the country I live in now (since 2001)really isn't much of a baseball country (Germany). I do think back on the great times I had at Wrigley and the few of you that I have had the privilege of meeting in real life (including yourself).

I had heard of your difficulties and had hoped something good would come out of them. Though what you are faced with now can hardly be called good, but I think you have hit bottom and known how the disease of Alcoholism is -- its something one has to experience before any lasting progress can happen.

I applaud you for taking the steps to get this straightened out. There were times when I first hear of this that I thought you deserved a kick in the butt, but I think you have done a good job with that yourself. I hope that your next few months gives you a perspective that will help you find a way to stay clean and sober. Your children deserve a father that is there in their lives and you deserve a better life that this.

My prayers go with you....
Andy S.

Hi Mark, You've probably heard many different thoughts and opinions.  I just want you to know that when I listen to you its like my brother is announcing, I really enjoy your baseball gifts.  We all have our issues Gracie and yours are just out in public. you're a good man Mark and your community loves you and genuinely cares about your well being and family.  We are about the same age and I know that getting older is tough as we get closer to meeting our maker.  Pope Francis said the other day that there is no Christianity with out the cross.  That helped me, I lost my 7 year old daughter last year and I've had my nights alone with Vodka.  Lets you and I as brothers give our selves to others.  I am in counseling (my whole family is) learning how to deal with my pain and my boys are watching their dad.  I have decided that I will seek healing and peace so that my boys will know what to do when life hits them over the head.  Love you bro, keep your chin up.     

Pat D.

Mark Grace, Love you and wish I could hear you broadcasting the games again. However, we have been blacked out from D-backs baseball. MLB is money hungry.

Keep the faith and find a driver. don't drink and drive. Also would have to liked to see you win one of those crazy races...

Frank D.

Hey Gracie: We miss ya buddy. I'm the old guy from Lake Havasu; the avid Phillies fan who use to chat with you via email back in 2008 or 09.  I sent you the Phillies cigars which I'm sure you didn't smoke, because you never  know what kind of weirdos are out here. Got your bobble-head on my desk and looking forward to your comeback. If the D-back brass are sincere, I'm looking forward to seeing you in Phoenix but I doubt their sincerity, so I'll look for you with another team - why don't you try the Phillies then I'll catch two birds with one shot.

Luck and Blessings:

Please stay strong, Gracie.  We are all human, and we all make mistakes and do things we regret.  So many of us struggle with addictions of one sort or another, but if you stay strong and in control, you can overcome the addiction.  You are a lot stronger than alcohol.  You can do this.  You can control your addiction -- don't let it control you or your life.


Dear Mark,

This not the first time I have written to you.  I fell in love with you and the Cubs in 1989, and felt you were the most fabulous player EVER. :) You were kind enough to sign a card I mailed to you with that loonnggg letter saying how I felt you were an A#1 player, so thank you!  You were the one who made baseball fun for me to see, we even saw you play at the Minnesota Twins once, and deliberately sat near first base  so you could hear our cheers.  I still think you've made me an all time baseball fan because you were so great to watch, so much fun!  I watched you become a clubhouse leader, and rightly so!

Then we watched you win the World Series with the D-backs in 2001!  How awesomely terrific that was for those of us who had watched you yearning for a post season win while with the Cubbies.  It made us so mad to see the Cubs let you go that previous winter, without a trade. Here in Wisconsin we watched the Cubbies play every day, until things changed and it got harder to see Cubs baseball.  But you and Steve Stone taught me so much about baseball that I told folks your glove was where doubles go to die!  Thanks Gracie, for everything!!

Now I want you to remember that ALL of us here still love you, and want to see you get back in baseball, if you want to!!  I know you have been through some tough years lately, but we are praying you can handle this trouble in the way you used to handle a curveball pitcher who let one hang, you would CREAM it!!  You can come out of this alcohol business stronger than you were before, and never hang your head. That's the Gracie I know and love!  Mark, you will always be the man we saw grow up on the bases, a real "diamond" baseball player...a five carat guy with the greatest smile and bat ever!  We'll be praying for you always, Mark, cause you're like one of the family!!  I'll be looking for  you in baseball in the future, I know you will be there!

All the best for you Gracie!

Deb E.
Eau Claire, WI  ( transplant from the Chicago area )

Come on up here to the Northcountry to enjoy a few fishing seasons, the fishing is great, especially if you like Walleye, and we'd love to hook you up with the best fishing, really relaxing, too!

Gooooooooldschmidt!!  As the season starts, thinking of you and missing you in the booth.  Hope as all is going well with you.  Know you touched a lot of folks and made watching DBacks a fun affair.


Alcohol is a formidable foe.

We must step up to the plate … or leave the field.

We can have an entire stadium cheering us on, but if we don't want to knock the ball out of the park … we won't do the work it takes to make that happen.

Alcohol is the badass of curve balls Mark…… and now, it's totally up to you what you want to do with it.

The game just isn't the same without you.



Hang in there bud.  Baseball still needs people like you. We've all made mistakes. Hope your family understands that as well. Make your life better, pick up a bat. You can make a hell of a hitting coach. I think the Cubs could use one. Hope to see ya on the field again.    


Hey Mark,

You've been through the fires before. You can take this and a helluva lot more!

With love and respect,
Lanny P.

Hi Mark!

We read the headlines and we are so sorry!  I did not discuss this with you while we were there at Fantasy Camp…but John has been through this.

My husband, like you, is a wonderful man.  We all make mistakes and now John has been sober for almost 15 years.  

We very much appreciated your friendliness when John was a Golden Glover, as well as at Fantasy Camp this year.  

Mistakes and problems with alcohol are difficult to work through…but they do not take away from the person you are.

We think the world of you and wish you well!

Linda and John K.

Dear Mark,

I very much enjoy the game of baseball.  I played it as a kid and coached little league for years. I especially relish the National League.  Love the tradition of the STL  Cardinals, CHI Cubs, etc. I have purchased the cable baseball package for the last few years so I can check out games in the various cities.  Sometimes I stay up pretty late doing work, etc and I live in Atlanta so if it's late its always a west coast game on.  As I flip through checking out the action, I always find myself watching a Diamondbacks game.  Always.  Mark your sense of humor lifts the entire game of baseball.  Baseball games can run a bit long.  Sometimes there is a blow out.  Close game.  Didn't matter.  You elevate the game and I wanted to thank you.  You don't know me I'm just an "ordinary American", but I feel you are in an odd way my friend.  You have entertained me greatly.  And in these economic times, laughter is treasure.  I can tell you I'm not the only one.  You are one of a kind.  Harry Caray, Skip Caray, now Skip's son in Atlanta they all helped the game so much.  They enhance an already great game.  Ok ok.  You re not perfect.  I guess that makes us even as I am not perfect as are your fans and the fans of baseball.  Get the help you need and get back out there.   Hopefully to an NL team please!   You are loved and needed. Once again thank you.  You are valued.

James P 

Hi Mark,

I just want you to know we're sending out prayers and good mojo your way during this difficult time.  I'm 47 year old life-long Cubs fan, and you are my all-time favorite Cub.  My Dad and I watched many a game with you as he gave me that incredible “disease” of being a born Chicago Cubs fan.  I was so happy when you got to win the World Series with the Diamondbacks even though I was so mad that the Cubs had let you go (love what you said when they interviewed you after you won!).  I would love for you to one day return to the Cubs, but regardless, my most fervent wish is that you have a centered, meaningful life with your family and friends. Your leadership and exciting play will always be remembered; you're a Hall of Famer to me. I still don't have a Cubs jersey yet, but Lisa has promised me to get a Mark Grace Cubs jersey for me in the future. I will wear it proudly. 

John P./Lisa T. (converted from the Cardinals to the Cubs in marriage for me!)
Ferguson, MO (with all the Cardinal fans)

Hi Mark -

I followed your career as a Cub player and then with the D-backs…I was so proud of you team when you won the World Series. It would have never happened with our beloved Cubbies.

I wish the best for you in your quest for sobriety.

God Bless you and your family,
Marilyn W.
The OC, Calif (formerly from Wisconsin)


You were my favorite Cubs player and I do wish the best sir. I do believe you are where God has placed you at the present time and nothing caught the Lord by surprise.

From the book of Acts chapter 17:

“Their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands. God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us."

From the gospel of John 5:24:

"I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life."

I wish the best and hopefully you find some time with word of God and may he bless your life and path.



I am a fan and a fellow graduate of Tustin High School, one year ahead of you.  I have watched you play little league on Ralph Royball 's team, watched you in high school and in your pro career.  Alcoholism is a disease that can only be beat by strong will and love for yourself.  You have been given gifts that all don't have.  Don't tarnish your name with this waste of time and talent.


Stacey L.

Mr. Grace,

I have always been a great fan of yours from Indiana.  I hope you are doing well. 

Susan C.


I have seen you many times at the Ball Park. Gonzo, and you have always been an inspiration to me. I know times are hard right now, and I know how it is, I have had family members suffer from alcohol addiction, and they have been in the place you spend your evenings as well. You must be positive! and be strong! and you will overcome, and win the fight! Remember the boys - they need you...

I wish you all the best,
Beverly - one of your biggest fans always : )


I was always a huge Mark Grace fan and I have great memories of watching Cubs games with my grandmother and her always commenting on how good looking he was! Alcoholism reeked havoc in my family but I have broken the chain with my recovery.  I'm 36 years old and received a DUI licence suspension in 2003 and eventually served five months in jail for alcohol-related assaults in 2008.  I've been sober for a little over two years now thanks to AA and all that it encompasses.  I'm enrolled in school for the first time and recently engaged.  Neither of these blessings would've been possible if I was still drinking.   Me, and all my friends from AA who follow baseball,l were saddened my Mark's arrest but we're rooting for him and know that he can come out of this in a better state then he was in before it happened.  Please send him our words of encouragement and love.   We thank him for his gift to baseball with that sweet swing and always playing the game "the right way" and we know he's gonna be alright.

Brandon M.

Hi Mark,

I grew up watching you play first base for the Cubs . You were always a favorite. I'm in the 'program' myself and have been sober 5 years now. Good luck – a lot of people are pulling for you.


We are happy to learn that you are back in the D-backs organization and wish you all the best.  Keep pressing on! It's not the same without you and Daron in the booth!  We hope one day you'll be back there.

God bless you,
Dee & Sue
Las Vegas, NV

Mr. Grace,

You have and always will be one of my favs.  I grew up watching you and the Cubs and have enjoyed every moment of it.  I wish you the best on your way to sobriety and in life.

Hey there Mark,

God I miss hearing you say "gas" every time someone throws a fast ball for a strike! You're the best AZ Diamondbacks announcer ever! Though I continued to watch DBack games after you left, it just wasn't the same.  Please take care of yourself so you can come back again. All the best to you and God bless you and your family.

Rio Rico, AZ


Really miss you announcing the games going into the 2013 opener.  Never thought I'd miss your corny humor....but I do. As an announcer... you have become a friend... welcomed into our living rooms and kitchens....a friend that we looked forward to seeing again next game....and we still do. Hopefully that day will come. Stay in the game Ol' buddy! We Love Ya!

Tucson, AZ


It is so good to hear that you are doing what you need to do. It is also good to see you own your issues and accept your sentence with dignity and pride. I am a former drunk with 18 years sober and it was a hard lesson for me to learn about my condition. I never wanted to be an alcoholic and thought it was a cool thing until I realized the damage I was doing. I am glad you are getting the help you need and are looking forward and seizing this new chance at life. We all have our demons and have to come to grips with them in order to let them go. Life is going to get strange along the way as you embrace sobriety. It will not be easy but with the right support you can achieve a new found freedom. If you need an ear to bend and someone to listen my contact info is below (Any time. Any day, Anywhere if you need call before you drink). There is a saying or two in AA I would like to leave you with. 1) Don't drink, Go to meetings, call your sponsor. 2) Life gets real, then it gets different, then it gets real different. 3) The foundation of sobriety is the steps you must humble yourself to remain free. God Bless!

With love and respect,

Dear Mark,
I fell in love with baseball the year I moved to Chicago in 1998.  You were a big part of that. You were then, and will always be my favorite Cub:)  In fact I named my golden retriever "Grace on Base" after you.  You were a wonderful team leader, even when things were not going well.  You always made me laugh with your ability to laugh at yourself. I wish I could find that radio commercial with you and Ronnie, it always made me smile. You can do this!  You are a class act Mark and I know you can get everything back on track!

I hope to listen to you in the broadcast booth soon!  Maybe for the Cubs? (I wish), but if not that's OK too. We are all behind you!

Thanks for being part of what I love about baseball!
Cathy K.

Good luck to you Mark Grace, my favorite Cub of all!  The only jersey I ever owned and still wear proudly!

You are a human being and we all fall.

Get this behind you and move on.

We all make mistakes.

You are a young man and have the rest of your life to enjoy.

You will be fine and I hope to see you back at Wrigley Field again soon.

I'll be the one wearing your jersey!

Annemarie M.

Mark, Please stay positive in your fight for sobriety. Face this challenge as you would a 0-2 fastball on the inside corner! You were a joy to watch during your Chicago Cub days. I always looked for that smile and boy-like flair when you would receive the last out from one of your teammates. Your passion for baseball made those many not so winning years manageable.

Best of luck and take care,

Hey Mark! I am a huge Cubs and Mark Grace fan. I was in the hospital recently and thought of you out of the blue and decided to see what you'd been up to. I had not heard anything about the legal things and read a few articles and I can say I know what you're going through. I'm going on 3 years clean and sober after a dozen years of drug and alcohol abuse. As a young baseball player and fan ( I was not much of a player ) I looked up to you. I was 8 when I started watching my Cubbies every day every summer on WGN. You were just breaking in probably 25 or so. I've watched you play hundreds of games and do dozens of interviews. But here we are now. I'm 31 you are 48 and battling a serious thing that's gonna take work and humility and especially God. You have to want it like I saw on your face in Game 7 when you got that hitin that epic world series. It's in you. You got this man! Me and my wife Laci love you and will be praying for you. We just want to see you happy and healthy Mark.

With Love,
Ron G.

Dear Gracie, I have a son who is 41 yrs old and alcohol has ruined his life he has been in in prison once for alcohol related charges served about a year. and now is serving a two year sentence for alcohol related charge. He is supposed to be done in November.

My son is very artistic, musical, funny and hard working, but when he drinks, he does stupid things.  It breaks my heart to know that life could be really great for him if he would not drink.

The reason I am telling you this is because I am a avid D-back fan and I miss you greatly. You have been blessed  more than most people in this world. You only have one life to live please do not let alcohol ruin it for you.  I will pray for you and your family, please get well.

Pam T.

Stunned reading all of these notes of encouragement from so many other people.  Usually, there is not a lot of sympathy for people who drink and drive because innocent people end up dead and there is nothing right about that.  But, people who make bad choices are not always just bad people.  And I think many of us Grace fans share a similar belief that Mark is a good person making bad choices.  I hope, like other fans, that Mark can finally conquer his demons before he completely ruins his life and the lives of innocent people.  There is no going back once someone has been injured or killed.  That is not something you can re-do, make-up for, or take back.  I think a lot of times in life we are who we are surrounded by and, based on what little I've read, Mark has unfortunately surrounded himself by friends who like to party too much, drink too much and women who don't have good intentions.  I think I'm here and writing this because I, too, like the others here, believe in the good in Mark.  From all accounts, he came from a good and loving family.  And, as I understand it, he has two sons.  I think good people get hurt and try and mask that pain in alcohol or food or drugs or whatever it is.  If I could wish anything for Mark, it would be that good, honest people come into his life who want the very best for him and want to help him live a happy and healthy and alcohol-free life.  Wishing you the very best, Mr. Grace!


Hang in there Amazing!  I've been a fan since your days with the Cubs, and will miss you on TV.  But you will be back and better than ever!  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Russ B.

Alcoholism is the toughest foe you will ever face.  Even without incarceration, you know what you have to do Mark.  And tens of thousands of fans are behind you wishing you well.  You still are “one of the good guys.”  And once your debt is paid, the path to righteousness will be clear and unabated.  Wishing you a speedy recovery!

White Sox Fan/Mark Grace Fan


Just wanted you to know that I and so many others are pulling so hard for you. To be a great baseball player, you have to be strong so I know you have the strength and desire to beat this. I am such a big fan of yours. You shall be in my daily prayers.


Started my journey to sobriety almost 14 years ago in a Fellowship that not only helped me stop drinking but gave me a Design for Living.  Hope to see you soon on the Road of Happy Destiny.  Honesty, openness, and willingness are the keys.

Judith I.

Hi Mark, I can't stop watching the 2001 World Series. You started the 9th in Game 7 down by a run with a single. You have ALWAYS pulled through somehow, someway. I love your optimistic attitude! Please believe this will only make you a better person, God is showing you 'something.' Look for the lesson or the silver lining so to speak. Thanks - true Grace fan.

Raul T.
Tucson, AZ

Your rookie year I became a cubs fan . You are the reason I became a cubs fan! I am praying for you & your family! God bless:) Can't wait till your back in the booth!

PS- still my favorite player!

Mr. Grace,

Like you, I have put myself in the situation you now face.  While my shame was private, yours is public.  At that time, I wished I could hide under a rock or just simply die.  The only way I came through the other side was in my faith in God and the support of my friends and family.  My only advice is to lean on those same things.  My dad said this to me after I told him about my problems: “You can't change what you did. You can only change the things you do from now on.” 

God's blessings
Troy P.

Dear Mr. Grace

I have been a fan of your's since I can remember, not only because you we're a great baseball player but mostly  because of the genuine class that you have. In a game that has changed so much from its beginning, you have brought the same kind of class that the great legends of the past did. The truth is Mr. Grace is that you have a tremendous amount of love and support from your fans. We love you and wish you the best. I hope one day I can see you as a manager for the DBacks. I know you will beat this.

A loving fan,
Robert C.

Dear Mark,

You and I have a long history together, though you could not possibly have a clue who I am.  I am in fact a 41 year old baseball fan who loves to follow his home team.  That home team was the Chicago Cubs during the mid to late 1980's.  Previous to that I was a Cleveland Indians fan as I was personally introduced to Brett Butler.  My favorite team changed to the Cubs not long after, and with the likes of Ryan Sandberg, Andre Dawson, Shawon Dunston, etc., who could not love the Cubs at that time.  Then came this great new first baseman named Mark Grace.  Your play style, skill and love of the game impressed me so much that I wrote you a letter.  I simply stated that I enjoyed watching you play and how much your arrival to the game solidified my love of watching baseball.  I did not write at that time with the intention of asking for an autograph, but low and behold, I received an index card in the mail with your signature on it.  Wow, that meant a lot to me!  Mark Grace had become “my guy” as you like to say.

In the early 1990's, I moved to Arizona with my family, and was saddened that the Cubs would not be my home team anymore, and in fact had no home team at the time to root for.  After some time, the Diamondbacks arrived.  Not long after, I couldn't believe it when I found out Mark Grace was coming to Arizona!!  I got to watch you and the awesome 2001 Diamondbacks win a world series!  How awesome was that!  Then, the sad but inevitable day came that you retired as a player.  It seemed the days of watching my favorite player were over.

Then, I found out that you got the job of Color Analyst for the D-Backs.  Off of the field, but still in the game, our history continued.  You always impressed me with your knowledge and enthusiasm, and were always a sort of glue to my love of baseball almost my entire life.  You always have good things to say about other people and pointing out the good in the worst of situations.  Then, something happened, something I would not have expected from my favorite ball player, and you know where I'm going with this.  I just want to say that, I support you in your effort to get through this situation.  For the sake of your self, your family, your peers and fans, I hope you get through this swiftly and easily, but that you have learned a valuable lesson.  I was saddened as were a great many to hear you would no longer be announcing for the Diamondbacks.  I hope that this is not how our history will conclude. Please take care of yourself and I wish you the best and a quick return to baseball in one form or another. Thank you for a lifetime of contribution to the best of baseball!

Your Fan,
Dan S.


We played together at the Torrii Hunter Celebrity Golf Tournament. I really got the chance to know you and found out that you're a very humble down to earth guy. All the great years you gave to us being a great baseball player being a celebrity never got to you. You were so kind and humble to me and my family. My wife adores you and thinks your someone the game has needed and still needs and so do I. You went totally out of you way to make sure my wife got a picture with you and spent time with her and I at the Dinner on the Diamond for charity. Thank you so much for doing this for us. We miss you and cannot wait till the day your back and doing what you do best. That's being Mark Grace. We know you will get through this and you can always know we are there and will always be fans of Mark Grace forever.

Bruce & Christy F.

Boy, was it good to see you on TV yesterday when you spoke briefly to the media.  Glad to see you in good spirits.  You have to know there are so many people out here pulling for you.  I guess you will have to go through the process of paying for your mistake.  (Yes, I know you are already doing that.) But I understand it will get tougher at the end of the month with your court appearance.  Well, we will be praying for mercy and hoping you will be able to make the best of this as that's the way you are;  you always make the best of things.  Glad to see you grabbed the olive branch and hope there will be many more.  We'll continue to watch for you and hope there will be many more positive appearances with the Diamondbacks!  Bless you and your sons.

L & D Bishop

I am so happy to see that Gracie is back working with the Dbacks.  Will you please let him know that I, and many of us, are relieved that he can continue in baseball. He has so much good knowledge to share with the younger players.  I know he made some mistakes, but he will always be the same wonderful Gracie to me.  I pray that he will resolve his personal problems.

From a 73 year old fan of Mark Grace,
Violet D.

Hi Mr. Grace, I have been a true die hard Cub fan all my life; I had no choice, not that I would want one! Both my parents and grandparents were Cub fans. You were the best first baseman ever! With your outgoing personality I'm sure all of your teammates looked up to you and admired and respected you. So you've hit a bump in the road, it happens. Know that people are behind you, praying for you and hoping for a comeback very soon. Hang in there, remember the incredible reception you get every single time you come back to Wrigley; that same reception is waiting for you when you return to broadcasting.

Your friend,

Here's hoping the prayers of all of us help strengthen you and help you on your latest, and most important venture.

Pete S.

Best of luck to you Gracie!! Just take it one day at a time and you'll be fine. Can't wait to hear you again in the broadcast booth (hopefully with my Cubbies haha).


Hey Gracie!

From a die-hard Cubs fan I send nothing but good wishes your way! I was lucky to follow your career in Chicago and moved to AZ the year you started with the Diamond Backs. To me you will always be a Cub! I have a ball that you threw to my son 20 years ago at a Cubs game during practice with Sammy Sosa! It is definitely a family treasure.

Get better soon for yourself, your family and your fans!

Judy P.

I admitted I was powerless over alcohol - that my life had become unmanageable... in AA over 13 years ago after waking up in Yavapai County jail and not remembering how I got there. Learned to treat the disease through the fellowship. There’s life after alcohol. Really! I watched you play back in Peoria,Illinois and enjoyed your work as a player and as an announcer and look forward to your return. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. (A day at a time, of course.)

Bill L.

I remember your rookie year as a Chicago Cub.  I fell in love with your looks, charm, and playing ability.  When you became a broadcaster for the DBacks I was entranced by your broadcasting style.  I know you have the ability to overcome your latest adversity in life.  Hang in there Gracie -- I'm one of your biggest fans.

DyAnne from New Mexico

Like many fans, we are here for you. Stay strong, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Michael M.

Mark, do what you need to and get back to the D'Backs.

Mike & Terri

Tell Mark he's missed big time on the D'backs broadcasts. He's a good guy, he just needs to hang in there. Best wishes and prayers for him. He'll be fine, I'm sure of it!


When you get well and come back remember all the folks who enjoyed watching you play and as a commentator are praying for you. Please be an example for all the unfortunates who have a similar affliction.

Just a fan . .

Mr. Grace,

I find it hard to judge your decisions, considering I, too, made similar ones once-upon-a-time.  During the decade of my 20's, I drank nearly every night, drank a lot, was late for work, showed up still drunk to work, gave myself a liver problem, wasted a lot of money that I did not have, hid this all from loved ones, and just in general was making poor decisions.  The biggest of which was to get behind the wheel and drive, while drinking and/or already drunk.  How I even made it through several years of this with never being stopped by Police, I'll never know.

But it finally happened one night-- and not a night I was drinking heavily, and two blocks from my home.  It was mortifying.  This was 14 years ago, and I had to serve 24 hours in jail, attend alcohol-abuse classes for a week, pay a $700.00 fine, and have my license suspended for 6 months.  On a first offense.  While being just barely over the legal limit.  And this was 14 years ago.  I know the laws are more severe now, and I know that you have other charges that I did not.  And the most important thing I know, is that I thank God every single day that I never harmed anyone else, or myself.  When I think back on nights I drove home, so intoxicated that the next morning I literally didn't even know how I got there... well, when I think back on all those days and nights of this and even worse, I find it to be a miracle that I never killed someone else or myself.

I suppose I'm sharing all of this with you in an effort to make some sort of an impact:  to have you see you are certainly not the only one to make such terrible decisions... to have you see that you can pay your debt back to society, and hopefully while doing so, finally "get it " that it is not okay to get behind the wheel while intoxicated.  It is not okay to endanger everyone on the road, or yourself.  It is not okay to think, "Oh I'm fine, I can handle this" -- we are kidding ourselves when we think that.  I am hoping that you will "get that."  And I am hoping that if you do have a drinking problem, aside from the drinking and getting behind the wheel, that you are able to truly receive help for this.

Mr. Grace, you are not a bad person.  You deserve a second, and third, chance.  You deserve the shot to 'make it right', and to be an example to the rest out there that are still making these life-threatening decisions.  You deserve to be a role model to your sons.

My 'poor decisions'  are now 15 years in the past.  I pray that you come through this all and are able to say the same.

Now on a lighter note, may I say, myself and about 100 family, friends, etc, are hoping so much to see you back in the broadcast booth next Spring--- things are so not the same without you.  And the Diamondbacks Organization needs to realize this.  And they need to give you another chance.  And while they're at it, they need to give Mr. Sutton another chance, too.  The two of you are magical on-air together, and we fans are desperately missing that magic.  I hope they extend their hand out to you, and when/if they do, please talk them into bringing back Mr. Sutton, as well.  They'd be making a very large mistake to let either one of you slip through their hands.  :)

Best wishes to you and your family,
God Bless you all,

I used to listen/watch Dizzy Dean broadcast and Gracie is in that elite category . I would watch/listen if he broadcast a bowling match!


Dear Mark,

Hi from Chicago where you were and always will be my favorite Cubs1st baseman. You are a class act guy and I know you can beat this addiction. Keep your kids close to your heart and know how much they need  you in their lives. There are lots of Cubs fans wishing you well from the friendly confines of Wrigley Field.

Take care,

Hello Mark,

God has blessed you in so many ways.  I found our Lord over 20 years ago after my 2nd DUI.  He is the only one who can truly bring you joy and peace down deep where it is missing.  Reach out to Him and He will be there for you. Forgive yourself Gracie and let whatever pain you are trying to cover with the drink go to God.  He loves you so much as do I and all your fans.  Jesus Christ has always been there for you.  He died on that cross and rose from the dead on the 3rd day. On that day he shed his blood to cover all our sins.  Every sinner will have to commit. It is the only true way to live a joy filled life. 

Mark I know that you have someone close to you that can go into more detail with you.  You will be in my prayers and my family and I cant wait to hear the good news of your complete recovery. May God bless you and keep you from today and everyday.

Doug W.


You are the best.  Hang in there and smile.  Life is good!

Dave B.

Hi Gracie,

I always wanted to meet you because I feel like I owe you a lot.  When the D-Backs first came along I was not a baseball fan.  I had watched you a few times when you played for the Cubs, my husband used to be a Cubs fan.  I was always amazed by the way you played first base, the way you always knew where the base was when you went up in the air to catch the ball, the way you knew just where the ball was going to be and you were in exactly the right place to catch it.  So when you joined the D-backs I started watching and I have been a huge fan ever since.  So I feel like I owe all that to you, and I just loved hearing you call the games.  Please get well and come back soon.  I am a baseball fan because of you.




I have been a fan of yours since your beginning years with the Cubs (yep, another one old enough to be your mother), and you will always be one of my all time favorite players. I loved watching you play and I gave up being a Cubs fan after you left. I couldn't have been happier when you and the Dbacks won in worked hard for that honor and it was well-deserved.

You always struck me as a guy with a phenomenal work do what you need to do to get the job done and that characteristic is near the top of those I most admire. I want to wish you all the best. I believe in you and miss you. You're in my prayers.


Hi Mark,

I miss seeing you on the game's broadcast! You kept our spirits up and although the D'backs may have been losing, you kept us laughing and gave us hope for the next day. I am 84 years old and watching baseball has been a joy to me, especillay when you were on. Please know that you are in my prayers daily. Take good care of yourself and give me the pleasure of seeing you with my D'backs again next season. God bless you!


Hi Mark, miss you. It is so boring without you in the booth. I had a bad drinking problem. 15 years now sober. You can do it too! I chose help from God and it works. My prayers are with you. Hope to see you as soon as you can heal yourself and get through this. Best of everything for you. God bless.


We wish you well and hope you return to Diamondbacks broadcasting; we miss you, you are the best announcer ever! Get well soon!

Bob & Mary
D'Back fans

Dear Mark,

I am "graceously" awaiting your recovery.  May you have faith to heal.  God is on your side.  I look forward to your return.

Sharon W.

Mark, I know you'll do great and come back better than ever. I believe you will find living sober a lot easier than trying to function while ill.


Dear God please grant Mark the serenity to accept the things he cannot change, the Courage to change the things he can and the wisdom to know the difference. I have been a fan since your rookie year with the Cubs and have had the pleasure of listening to you broadcast cast games for the Diamondbacks I have enjoyed your humor and enthusiasm for the game and I had tears of joy in my eyes the night you won the World Series, I thought to myself I wish he could have done it with the Cubs but felt no one deserved it more. I have also walked the path you are about to take, it is scary and foreign but you too will make it out the other side. Just know there are millions of people out there in the universe still pulling for you to win. This time the victory will be your life.

Much Love,

Hi Mr. Grace,

I am a long time fan. Miss your playing days. Me and my family were there for game 7 of your win over the Yankees, great series.  I wish you the best of luck never give up.  You are still my favorite Dbacks broadcaster. Miss you in the booth, hurry back. Love you man. 


I wish you the best as you recover and hope that someday you are able to return to the broadcast booth. Your commentary is always so insightful, full of humor, and enjoyable listening. Best wishes.



I have been a fan of yours since your beginning years with the Cubs (yep, another one old enough to be your mother), and you will always be one of my all time favorite players. I loved watching you play and I gave up being a Cubs fan after you left. I couldn't have been happier when you and the Dbacks won in worked hard for that honor and it was well-deserved.

You always struck me as a guy with a phenomenal work do what you need to do to get the job done and that characteristic is near the top of those I most admire. I want to wish you all the best. I believe in you and miss you. You're in my prayers.


The season is over. I pray for your speedy recovery. It won't be easy but do it for yourself and your family. That's all that matters. We will see you next season. Keep the faith.

Dbacks fans love you.


Alcohol is a sad disease. I have seen many people around me stricken and hurt by it. Please accept and get the help you need. You have much support from all around. We miss you dearly and your humor watching the dbacks on TV. Take care & God bless. Get healthy. Hugs are sent your way.

Another fan of Dbacks & you,

Get well Gracie. I am praying for you. We all make mistakes. You ae a super person, super guy in the booth for the Dbacks. Can’t wait for you to return. You are missed.


I was raised in NC watching the Atlanta Braves with my dad. In the late 70's I married a midwestern boy who was a Cubs fan and I became a Gracie fan. Watched you play ball all of my adult life. When you left the Cubs to play for the D-Backs, my only thought was Mark Grace finally got the ring he deserved. My husband and I went this summer to Copperstown for Ron Santo's induction to the baseball hall of fame. I loved to see you on first base. My feelings are that you deserve to be there also. Now I must say, it is up to you to decide if you have a problem with alcohol, and if you do it is up to you to do something about it. You have your kids to think about. After two stops with a DUI, you and only you can make that decision. Thankful you are alive and no one else was injured when you were impared. If you decide you need to get help, do it. You don't need to share it with the rest of the world. In AA, and yes I am a member, our 11th tradition is--our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio and fillms. However, because yours is a public matter you might want to share. That's up to you. I wish you peace and strength my friend.


Hey Gracie,

I grew up modeling your style of play on the field, and your honesty and straightforward personality off the field. I began following you as a Peoria Chief. Even at 30 years old, I still get a good feeling watching your highlights, hearing your voice and flipping through your baseball cards I collected when I was young. While saddened to hear of your DUI troubles, I hope that you, the Diamondbacks organization and the public understand that you're a human being doing nothing differently than what 95 percent of regular dudes do. While I don't pretend to know what you're dealing with on the whole "alcoholism" front, I just hope you're keeping a straight head about it and know that not everyone is hypocritical enough to pigeonhole you as someone with an alcohol problem. You're a good dude with has made a positive impact on many lives. That's who you are. Some bad luck doesn't make the man.

Nathan W.


You are a special person,  we miss you and want the best for you.  I've been there and am now totally sober, it is great and you can do it.  I had to go to AA meetings every day for months and then it starts to lose its grip on you and the sun comes out.  I am a construction worker in Flagstaff and my son played little league on your field here.  Ill pray for you tonite.


Hey Gracie, We know you are in a battle and we want you to know we care! Our prayers are with you. You have the power to make the change you need to make. We miss you in the booth! You made watching the game a pleasure and so much fun.

Devoted fans,
Lynn and Mary

My wife, Karen, and I have been huge fans of you and all the Diamondbacks for many years. We know that you have the discipline and courage to get past this latest bump in the road. Millions with lesser talent have prevailed before you. "Go the distance." If you build a better  "you," they will come (apology to Kevin Costner ), as the fans always have before.  We wish you well.

Paul W.


I am sending prayers your way.  May God wrap his loving arms around you and your family.

Sam M.

Gracie, My impression of you has always been, what a nice guy. Never seems full of himself like many other former pro athletes. I always thought you would be a fun guy to hang around with, not because of your celebrity but because of your personality.

Except for reading commercials, which you seemed to revel in, I always appreciated your color commentary. Your knowledge added greatly to my enjoyment of watching the game.

Best of luck in overcoming your demons and best of luck in whatever you decide to do in the future. Hopefully you will again be associated with the Diamond Backs.

You always talked so lovingly and proudly about your two boys. Please think of them. I'll pray for all of you.

Kent T.

I love Mark's fun spirit in the broadcasting booth and his obvious love for his boys. We want to see him back and are praying for him.

Chris D.

Know you are missed by all of the D'Back fans! We miss you at the games! We are so thankful you have the opportunity to rise above this situation. You can do this! We are all cheering for you!

Take care of yourself ~ praying for you and yours!

B & J

Dear Gracie;

I send you encouragement to overcome your battle! We need you back at Chase Field so bad. You are sadly missed, and no one comes close to having the personality and humor you have. Please come back soon!  Take the time to heal, and be surrounded by your family, overcome this bump in the road! Once again WE MISS YOU……PLEASE come back soon!

S. White

Thank you for setting up this site. I am a fan and truely miss Mark Grace in his booth. I will keep him in my prayers, hoping he receives all the help he needs. We all have a past and have done things we needed to repent of. God is a God of second chances and more.

The Brown Family

It's the 9th inning 2 outs have been there before. We miss you on the games. Good luck and god bless.

A fan,

For years I've thought that Mark was the sexiest man alive – even though I'm old enough to be his mother.  Speaking like a mother – DUI isn't sexy.  Mark, I fully understand how difficult a task you face.  I really hope you get your life back in order.  I really miss you on the broadcasts and hope to see you back – happy, healthy and sober!

Jan C.

Hi Mark,

My husband and I are big DBack fans and we miss you so much in the broadcast booth. You always made the time go by fast, and when we heard about your unfortunate arrest, we were so disappointed.  Hope you are getting help and will soon be back in the swing of broadcasting again.

Karen and Ron

I remeber a few years ago, after you swore during a broadcast, you got up and sincerely apologized to the Dbacks' viewers and said it would never happen again. That was "big league." You stood up to that problem and changed yourself, and we all believe you can do the same this time. Once you get your life fixed up, we look forward to watching the games with you again.

Tod H.

Mark you are sure missed, but you need to get yourself healed for yourself and your boys. Don't let this ruin your life because you are too strong for that. Do what needs to be done. Send this disease right down Broadway.


You are greatly missed when watching the Dback games. You kept a game that can be very boring on TV fun and informative. Especially since the pitchers seem to take forever before throwing a pitch. This makes the game last forever. You have my best wishes and prayers that all comes out well for you. I look forward to hear that you will be in the announcer booth next season.

Pat W.

Despite what you are going through now I know you will lick this problem just as you succeeded in baseball. I can't wait until I hear your voice again on the Diamondbacks broadcasts.You always made the game enjoyable,win or lose.Hang in there and we will see you soon.

Richard G.

As a Mark Grace fan for eons, it seems, this addiction came as a complete surprise to me. Mark, your fans want you to come through this stressful time with a complete recovery from your alcohol problems. Understanding that you have a problem is the first step and then sobriety can be achieved! It seems strange without your color commentary and your sense of humor that is now lacking in the booth.! Whatever happens in the upcoming days know that your fans/friends are pulling for you as well as your former teammates and team officials! Let’s hope you’ll be back predicting homers in no time flat. Best of everything to you and your sons.


I believe in you. Get well soon and come back to baseball color announcing.

Barbara B.


I have been a fan of yours since your beginning years with the Cubs, and you will always be one of my all time favorite players. When you retired from playing, I wrote a tribute type article, showcasing your amazing career.

I want to wish you all the best, know you have the unwavering support of your family, friends and fans. We love and miss you.



You were one of the most exciting players I ever watched as a Diehard Cubs fan. It galled me that the front office wouldn't 'play ball' with you but at the same time, I was so proud of your work in Arizona. Right now you are at a crossroads, and the pavement is bumpy and hard to navigate. Still, I have a lot of confidence in you to see what it is you need to do and to work toward the goal. Sending you a lot of loving thoughts and encouragement to take care of yourself so you can be back in the booth for your fans. You are much beloved by all of us who embraced your career in Chicago, and this old fan wishes you all the best.

Lynne V.

We miss you. Please deal with your issues like a big boy. We know you can do it! You are an awesome person, so talented, don't waste it as so many others have…..

You can do anything that you set your mind to! Sober up Gracie, and get back on the air! Your fans love you, and miss you!

Carol F.

We miss seeing you on TV so much. Please come back soon!



I've been a fan of yours since the 80's when you started with the Cubs, I even have the “Grow with Mark Grace” poster from Deans milk among other memorabilia.  I saw  you this summer when the D'backs played the Cubbies, you sang for the 7th inning stretch.  I am praying for you during your recovery. Come back to the Cubs/Chicago we miss your smiling face here!.

In Christ's love,
Karen K.


Back in the late 80's when I was in high school,we didn't get a whole lot of major league games on tv in rural eastern Arizona where I grew up but we did get Cubs games on WGN. I remember when you came up to the big leagues to take over the first base duties when Leon Durham was ending his career. I was a big Cubs fan and have always rooted for you. When the D-Backs came into existence in 1998,I switched my allegiance as I am an Arizona native. When you signed with the D-Backs in Jan.2001,I was thrilled. So many of us fans were so happy when you got the world championship that you could never get with the Cubs. We all know it was their loss. And you are far and away the best color analyst in baseball! So please don't give up on yourself for the sake of those that care for you! We are all praying for you and wish you all the best in the process of your recovery! Hang in there buddy!

Derek W.

Hey Mark,

Take it one day at a time and know you are never alone!

Much love from one of your all-time biggest fans in Chicago!


Hi Gracie,

I used to have a problem with alcohol and got into some trouble, although frankly, not quite as serious as yours.  You're a winner, and this thing will not defeat you.  Have been clean and sober nearly 26 years now, and I've learned that drinking really wasn't as much fun as I thought it was. Not only can you have more fun doing stuff sober, you'll have the benefit of remembering it the next day.  You might not believe it now, but you can dance better and have more fun, too. We need you back in the booth, too.  You are missed!

John S.

I miss your unique analysis Gracie.  I know you'll be back in the booth.  Best wishes.

Gary W.

Hey Mark,

I know where you are at. It isn’t the end though. It’s a beginning. Good luck stay tough bro.

Tom H.

Dear Mark,

I was saddened to hear of your leave of absence. Even though you made an error in judgment and are now away from the Diamondbacks booth, my prayer for you is that you will have the strength and desire to overcome your personal problems. I have always been an admirer of yours, from the time you were a Cub. I watched you then and thought you were good for baseball, and I still believe you are good for baseball. I'm old enough to be your mother, so I can say to you that I love you and I want you back in the booth again entertaining us with your knowledge and love for baseball. I, and many others, miss you and look forward to the day you return.


Gracie,  We miss you in the booth for the D'backs games.  We have not watched since you have been away.  You make the game so much fun!!!  We pray that you will be successful in your efforts to fight your illness.  Get well soon.  May God be with you. 

Your friend in Naples, FL

Hang in there, my friend – we're on your side.



As we watch and listen to the Diamondbacks games, we miss listening to you and laughing at your comments. We are praying for you and hoping to hear you again with the Diamondbacks!


Gracie - I hope this message finds you in healing. You can overcome your drinking issues. My brother did it and it's the best thing he ever did. Your boys need you just as my nephew needed his father. You will come out of this a much stronger man and your fans can't wait to embrace you when you return to our beloved D'Backs. Always wishing you the best.

Becks 17

Dear Gracie,

It’s “Burkie” from your 2012 Dbacks Fantasy Camp baseball team (the psychologist from Colorado). I just read about your recent DUI and wanted to express my fervent support for you. You are an honest, humble, high-quality human being, an entertaining broadcaster and a truly great man. My 5 year-old son Bailey loves to hear the “Mark Grace poop story” over and over. The mere fact that you shared such a story with us campers is evidence of how genuine a person you are and how much you are able to laugh at yourself even as so many of us continue to take ourselves way too seriously. I’m sure you have superb help and lots of close friends available as you navigate through this rough time in your life, but please let me know if there is anything I can do to be of service to you.


I have followed Mark Grace since I was 16 years old. I am now 38. I have many many baseball cards of his including his rookie card. If I could meet anyone, I would choose Mark. I wish him all the best in the world!


Gracie, I miss your smiling face, intelligent analysis and funny remarks. I know you can come thru this with your strong will and the help of caring fans and friends. I hope to see my favorite DBack announcing more games in the near future.

Best wishes from a grandmother,


You are one of my all time favorite players. I coach my boys little league team and I tell my sons to play the way Grace did. You played the game the right way. (When my boys were born, I gave them two bobble heads. One of you and one of Craig Counsell.) You played the game the way it was meant to be played. You did that through hard work and being a teammate. I know you can fix this by doing those same things. It'll be hard work and you'll need help from your team, but I know you can do it. I hope to hear you calling D'Backs games again in the future. My family is pulling for you.


Hey Mark:

I have been where you are today.. I lost a few jobs, lots of money, and sadly self respect. Thought I would never be able to face my so called friends ever again. WELL, I found this program that has given me back my self respect and the respect of others. I didn’t want to go to this program, I was too smart and certainly didn’t have a problem with alcohol. And really I don’t have a problem with alcohol, as long as I don’t drink it! My problem was me, living in a world where I didn’t belong and certainly, with out booze, didn’t fit into. This program may not be for you, but you have nothing to lose checking it out. Right now, your choices are rather limited. It is just a suggestion. My thoughts and prayers are with you and hope to see and hear my favorite announcer back to work soon.

Bobbie M. (25 years sober and free)

C'Mon Gracie, we need you around, to see your smiling face and hear your words of wisdom. Spit on it, rub a little dirt on it, and get back here where you are needed, missed, and loved.

Skipp D.

Hey, Mark, know you’re not alone. Our whole family has struggled with this damn disease. Seek help and you will be amazed how good life can be without a drink. We always look forward to hearing you call the D’backs. We’re pulling for you.

Tucson Fans

Still my hero.

I know how hard it is and how much this sucks.... I used to drink with you up on 101 and Via De venture. You will get through this and I see it everyday. I work at Driver Advisor and install interlocks, I see a lot of people broken at first but rise above. You made an error in judgment, it happens. Work hard and do what you need to do, get yourself right. Please call a cab or someone to pick you up, it is sad to see a loss of life. I know a lady that is sweet as can be, she could be my mother. I asked her about her story of going out a celebrating a promotion at work. She ran a red light and hit and killed a 19 year old ASU student. She spent 9 years in prison and lives with this in her heart and soul everyday. Please, I do not want this to happen to you.

Marc D.

I used to drink and drive a lot. One morning I went out to check my car for body parts in the grill and confirm no body damage. I felt lucky and realized how bad that was. Have not had a beer since. You can do it. I will be praying for you.

PS... 42 years ago

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