Katie Galan
Corpus Christi, TX

I loved Mark Grace and the Cubs growing up. We were a family of 4 girls, but we were always involved in sports...softball particularly. My dad would laugh saying we were the only girls...along with our mom...who could sit down and watch baseball all day. My love for the Cubs and Mark Grace started with my older sister. Then I was hooked. When I was in elementary school, I had the day games “taped” for me so that I could watch them when I got home from school. I was really glad that Mark was able to get that ring...but I sure wish it would have been with the Cubs. Either way, he deserved it.

David Reed
Allen, TX

Mark Grace has always been my favorite player over the years. Great player, first class guy and a real role model during his playing days. When I moved back from Silicon Valley to Texas in 2002 my employees got together and bought me a Mark Grace game worn and signed jersey and had it mounted in a beautiful display case. To this day it hangs on my gameroom wall. That room has been remodeled several times but I told my wife that the jersey will not come down. I also have all of his cards, signed hats, balls and many other collectable items that I have acquired over the years. I also was fortunate to see Mark play at Wrigley in 1990. I of course bought first row seats on the first base side.

Monroe, MI

I worked with Mark's father Gene, working for the MoP-C and I on the Rock Island Line. I watched him grow up. He was always a a very respectful kid, and then as an adult. I remember the first year of interleague play when the Cubs were in DTW. Mark was warming up. I yelled "Hey Mark......Mark.........OK does the name Gene sound familiar?" He looked. I waived. He still called me "Sir" and autographed some things for my kids. I wonder how his dad is doing now that we're both retired?

Anne Purfield
Chapel Hill, NC

I was in the 7th grade when Mark Grace came out of the dugout in a T-shirt after the Cubs clinched the Division. He held up his index finger in a #1 sign and walked around the infield while Cubs fans let out 20 years of pent up jubilation. After that moment, I, like so many other lifelong Cubs fans, fell in love with a first baseman. It wasn't his impressive fielding skills or batting average - it was his love for the team, game and fans. I still have a binder filled with his baseball cards, autographed pictures, T-shirts sporting his likeness and even a puzzle. I don't keep it because it will be valuable some day because of his success as a player - I keep it because it reminds me of when I was young and admired a player that was a tremendous role model. Thanks Mark. Sometimes I still expect to see you at first base on Wrigley Field.

Noel Guardala
Columbia, MD

Hi Mark, I loved watching you hit and play first base. I easily put you in the same category as your contemporaries, or near-contemporaries, at 1B such as: John Olerud, Tino Martinez and Keith Hernandez who combined with you represent about the best fielding 1Bmen I have seen in nearly 50 years of watching MLB. Funny but none of those guys ever get much HoF recognition and I feel bad that the same treatment will be given to you as you become eligible. I think that it is a big shame that so much attention is given to 3Bmen and SS's fielding prowess while 1Bmen are in general given short shrift and cast in the mold of well, players like Giambi and Ryan Howard. Not to take anything away from them, and Howard may have a HoF career for his bat, but to my mind the plays made at 1B are just as important as on the left hand side of the infield, if not more so. For some reason that escapes me, the media "experts" have labeled 1B solely as "a power position" so that only impressive power numbers are important in ranking a 1Bmen. I think that is very short sided and well misguided but there is not much I can do about it. If I had my druthers you and Keith and definitely Fred McGriff would all be HoFer's for your complete approach to the game and your dedication to your team. Two important aspects that seem often forgotten today in the MLB, more's the pity. I wish you continued success from the Broadcast Booth now and wish you well in your endeavors to become a MLB manager or possibly an AAA or AA one first. I also would like to hear you announce games on various national TV outlets in a similar manner as your former Cubs teammate Rick Sutcliffe whom I think does a wonderful job each game. All the best!

Tonya Grant
Yuma, AZ

Mark Grace is my all time favorite player. I have been his fan since I was fourteen. I just turned 32. I am a native San Diegan but have always had a soft spot for the Cubs. I moved to Arizona in 2000 and joke around that Mark followed me there. I wish! He is talented beyond words and as a fellow first baseman he brought glory to that position. Now I love listening to him and dream of someday meeting him. I will be at the August 25th game in Phoenix. I cannot wait. I have 3 prized possessions: my Bible, my glove I have played with since I was 8, and My 29th birthday present, a signed ball from Gracie. A family member bid for lunch with Grace and got me a signed ball. I love you Mark. You are a true Hall of Famer in my heart! Keep up the good work!

Rockford, IL

Grace was a great player - he was one of my favorites. When I was young I would write him letters and attach one card of his for him to sign and he would sign them and mail them back. He has a great heart. I wish the Cubs would have kept him! It would be nice to see him go to the Hall of Fame in a Cubs uniform. Go Cubs!!!

Jason McClintock
Clinton, WI

Great website. I watched Mark for many years on WGN. He is hands down the best Cub 1st baseman that played there. Come back and sit in the booth with Bob in Wrigley! Go Cubs! I can see it now - World Series Champs 2007!

Christopher H.
Lawrence, KS

I heard a story once about a Cubs fan visiting the hotel where the team was staying while they were in town. He wanted to get some of his cards autographed by some of his favorite players. When Mark Grace appeared from a restaurant near the hotel the guy got so excited he dropped his cards all over. Mark Grace stopped and helped him pick them up and then waited for him to find a Mark Grace card for him to sign. That is why I’m a Mark Grace fan. I’ve followed the Cubs for a long time and have yet to hear anyone say one bad thing about him. He respects the game and he conducted himself with a level of integrity that is lost on most professional athletes. I’m thankful to have had a player like Mark Grace to idolize when I was younger.

Dustin Walden
Rogers, AR

Well I really enjoyed what you have done with this website. It covers all aspects of his great career as a ball player. And being his cousin it's hard not to like Mark... But keep it going!

Ron Hall
San Antonio, TX

He was a Cubbie for God's sake, doesn't that say it all? Mark - hats off to an outstanding career. You have inspired a lot of people. Best wishes for your future journeys. God bless you and your family.
Justin Weakley
Cordova, TN

Hi Mark. I have always been interested in you because I play for the Memphis Tigers just like you did. Hopefully I will do as good as you and be in the big league one day too. This is my 4th year with the Tigers. I am 11 years old. Keep up the good name you have made for yourself.
Jenni Bell
Ames, IA

Mark Grace was by far one of the best first baseman in all of baseball. Many errors were saved by the skill he had at first base. It was a sad headline to hear that he was no longer with the Cubs...as much as I love the Cubs...they did lose a great skilled and dedicated player. Keep going Mark!
Terressia Nawrocki Stumke
Valparaiso, IN

Mark Grace made Chicago Cubs baseball memorable throughout his Cubs career. Shame on Chicago for letting him go! Mark Grace deserved a World Series and I am glad he got it. Mark Grace was what was fun about baseball. I used to watch him in amazement. (Not to mention he had a nice butt.) All kidding aside, he has to be my favorite Cub of all times. I still am a Loyal Fan and Gracie will always be in my heart. GO CUBS GO!
Patti Stofferahn
Woodstock, IL

He was always a team player and was an awesome player...I was sad to see him leave but was very glad he won a World Series after leaving the Cubs.
Paris, France

I've been Mark Grace's best fan since I was young. My father was too. I love your site. Congratulations!

Rowan Campbell
Johannesburg, South Africa

I liked the way Mark Grace gave 100% every season. I admired his humor and professional attitude. I have been a Cubs fan since July 1992. I loved watching him play on ESPN. He was an awesome hitter and brilliant fielder. He was a great player to watch. Mark Grace is one of my all time favorite Cubs. I wish he was still in the Cubs organization. No. 17 I saw hit 2 home runs in one game against the Giants in 1995. He had a marvelous eye at the plate. He would be a good hitting coach

Midland, TX

I think Mark Grace is a wonderful person and was a great player for the Cubs. I wish him the best of luck in getting a manager's job...but no this year for the D-Backs. I hope he continues as an announcer for a few more years because he keeps me laughing. I think he needs to let a few more years go by before he gets a job as a manager for a major league team. Good luck to Mark and his family and God bless you.

Matt P.
Farmington, AR

I love your web page. I stumbled across it a couple of days ago after hearing a reference about Mark Grace on ER. It made me remember how much I enjoyed watching Grace play, so I did an internet search and found your site. You are doing a great job remembering the career of one of the all time greats.

Also, if you are interested the reference to Mark Grace is in ER Season 2, episode 33 "Hell or High Water." In it George Clooney's character asks a near-drowning kid who his favorite player is, and the kid responds with Mark Grace. You may already be aware of this, but I thought I would at least pass it on.

Keep up the good work!

Gene B.
Rogers, AR

I`m at a loss of words to describe your super-nice Mark Grace website, which was sent to me today by his mother... Sharon.
I`ve known Sharon since she was a `foxy` high school majorette, and played high school varsity sports with dad Gene...a pretty good `jock` in those days himself. I didn`t see Mark, or brother Mike, in their early years, but was glad to meet them in recent years...and I especially enjoyed a few rounds of golf with them. My wife Billie and I also enjoyed several visits to the Spring Training site in Mesa during Mark`s later years as a Cub. (BTW...I`m watching the Cubs and Cards on TV as I write this...and it isn`t the same without Mark on first base!)


Sharon Grace
Bentonville, AR

I enjoyed reading thru your website on Mark.  Very thorough and complete, I think.  But as his Mother, I guess I would enjoying reading all that you have compiled on Mark.

Keep up the good work.  I just wanted you to know I enjoyed reading it.

Jeff H.

Hello!  You have a wonderful website.  Mark Grace has been my favorite player since he broke into the big leagues.  It is still hard to think about him being retired from the game.  I made a weekend trip to Phoenix from Florida in the spring of 2000 and thoroughly enjoyed my stint at a spring training practice.  Grace was taking batting practice and tossing out a lot of jokes to amuse the fans.  It was great.  I am the unofficial president of the Mark Grace Fan Club!
Nathan B.
Omaha, NE

I have been a life long Cub fan like my father before me and his father before him. I remember when Mark first came up to the Cubs and hearing about all of his potential. I was curious to see what this young ball player could do. What I saw was a player who was a throwback to the old days of baseball. Here was a guy that played hard and wanted to win every game he could. Mark never seemed to be out for personal glory but only wanted to do what was necessary to allow the Cubs to win the game. He hit for average and he always managed to get on base especially when the Cubs needed it most. I had never watched baseball all that much on T.V. until Mark came along and you can bet that if the Cubs were on T.V. I was watching that game. Baseball won't be the same without Mark. Thanks for the memories and I was glad to see you get your World Championship Ring a more deserving player I can't think of. God Bless you and your family.

Cameron Portier
Marrero, LA

Mark Grace is the greatest baseball player of all and I think I am one of his biggest fans. This is awesome how you made this web site. Thanks

Leeanna Smith
Davenport, IA

I have been a Cubs fan all my life. Mark Grace has also been my favorite player for as long as I can remember. As a sophomore in high school my uncle took me to my first Cubs game in 1998. The date was May 1998. It was Mark's anniversary of being called up and it was against the Cardinals. It was foggy and the Cubs were down 3-0 but Jose Hernandez hit a 3 run homer to send the game into extra innings. In the bottom of the 11th Grace was on first and Sosa doubled. Mark ran through the stop sign and plowed over Eli Marrero to score the winning run. That was the best game I had ever seen in person or on TV. I later met Grace and many of the other Cubs during the Cubs exhibition game against the Iowa Cubs in Des Moines. I was also able to see Mark play in his last year against the Twins. Mark will always be my favorite player and I can't wait to see him in the TV booth.

Bill Cline
West Phoenix, AZ

I recently became a fan of Mark when I saw a little of his personality shine through during a game where the D-Backs couldn't get their pitching together. Mark was asked and took the mound to pitch. Only humor could save the game and his antics made a bad game GOOD. Keep it up Mark, because Humor is a Cure All. s there a calendar of dates and locations that Mark is available to sign autographs? I recently purchased a uniform and would like to have it signed so that I can hang it on my wall.

Steve Hicks

Wow! You've done a remarkable job with the site and I thank you.        

Mr. Mark Grace, in my opinion, recharged the game. As the younger brother of a "Die-hard Cub"s fan" I have to admit to jumping on the band wagon and have no regrets. He is a true "class act" and deserves to be in the hall. F!@# a bunch of numbers for a first baseman... He served his country, gave 100% on the field and even took time to congratulate a rookie on his first hit. Watching that happen, live, at the "Astrodome" is the sole reason I resumed watching baseball after the strike.

The next day, during batting practice, I was lucky enough to meet Mark and expressed my appreciation for him and saving the game. Humble, as always, he thanked me and moved toward the children for autographs.

No disrespect to Mr. Banks but I think that Mr. Mark Grace should also be considered as Mr. Cub.... real sorry that he's the one with a "World Series" ring.


I am a huge Mark Grace fan also.  I have met him and have many autographs. I used to follow him around to all the stadiums I possibly could (when I could get off work).  We drove all the way to Arizona in 2002 to see the series against the Cubs. (We live in Iowa)  It is good knowing there are others just like me out there.  I even named my pet rabbit after him.  Gracie is her name.

Patrick McParlane

Great web site! Mark Grace has been my favorite baseball player since I was ten years old. I just turned 25. But since I am from Detroit, I only got to see him play a few times. And never got to meet him yet. I am hoping he becomes a manager some day so I can meet him. I was able to watch him play a lot courtesy of WGN. Cubs were my favorite team until he went to Arizona. I couldn't believe they let him go. Thanks for the web site. I am thinking about getting the major league ticket just to listen to him broadcast the Diamondbacks. Good luck.

PJ Geige
South Bend, IN

When I was nine years old, I sent Mark Grace a fanletter with a baseball card to sign. In the letter I told him how he was my favorite player and that I played baseball as well, and I tried to play the game just like him. He sent me the card back autographed, and he also wrote me a letter back requesting my autograph on my baseball card. What a class act. Several years later in 1999 I actually got a chance to talk to Mark at Wrigley during batting practice. He was signing autographs for some fans and I reminded him of the letter. He claimed to remember. Even if he didn't it was one of the most memorable moments of my childhood. I was thrilled to see him win a championship after watching him play everyday on WGN. I just knew he would get a hit in the beginning of that ninth inning.

Shawn Crull
McCordsville, IN

I grew up in Peoria, IL where you were a Cubs fan or a Cardinals fan and luckily, my dad brought me up right. Just as lucky, we happened to have the Cubs A farm team in Peoria, the Peoria Chiefs. We went to a game my senior year of high school and I was fascinated with this young 1st baseman they had that didn't have a whole lot of power but sprayed the ball all over the field (kind of like my game as a kid). I started to follow Gracie from that point on. Once he got to the bigs, I knew I was going to collect his cards. And I have off and on since then. My collection is at about 300 cards. Tiny compared to your collection, but I am proud nonetheless. I could probably spend more time on Grace if I also didn't collect some of my other favorite players - Ryne Sandberg, Robin Ventura, Walter Payton, and Magglio Ordonez. I did recently, however, get what appears to be my prized possession - a Mark Grace Peoria Chiefs Bobblehead. My brother works some games and he got me one. It's pretty cool and it's definitely a highlight of my collection.
Two quick stories - my wife and I got married 11/01/2000. Ironically, the date of our first anniversary was game 7 of the 2001 World Series. Again luckily, we had celebrated the previous evening so she wasn't upset when I wanted to watch it. As it got to the ninth (in my typical fashion) I got closer to the TV. My wife followed which I thought was interesting. Anyway, you know the ending - so I'm jumping up and down going crazy and my wife is too. I stop and ask her - "you're not even into baseball, why are you so happy?". She stunned me by saying that she was happy because I was so happy that Gracie finally got a ring. A year later we got a dog and my wife was going through names, none of which I liked. She challenged me to come up with one and I blurted out Gracie. So, that's our dog's name.
Anyway, just glad to see there are other fanatical Grace followers out there besides me.

Janet Rivera
Chicago, IL

I have been a Mark grace fan forever. He is so talented. He deserved to win the World Series with the Diamondbacks. He just knows how to play the game and he looks so good in those tight baseball pants. I have so many Mark Grace memories. The best one that I like was when he received his last golden glove at Wrigley. His mom was there she came out to the field with him. I believe she even threw the first pitch. But Mark has been such a great Baseball player and he deserves to be put in the Hall of Fame.

Chicago, IL

As a long time Cub fan, I remember watching with hurt feelings as Leon Durham was traded away to make room for this young upstart...who quickly became my favorite player.  Amazing hands, hustle, quick bat, smarts, and an awesome sense of humor to boot...without a doubt, my all-time favorite player. I still vividly remember a softly hit ground ball, Shawon Dunston charging behind the pitchers mound, and Gracie's huge eyes as Dunston's cannon unloaded from maybe 30 feet away...it epitomized the whole relationship. I'll root for Grace in any endeavor he chooses, and someday I'll be the old man preaching to any one who'll listen about how awesome that guy was back in his day. Finally, I typed "markgrace.com" on a whim tonight and was rewarded with a true treasure.  This website is outstanding and I'm very grateful for such a great site that I can tout to my friends when I'm asked, "What is it about Grace that you love so much." Thanks very much!

Vince Geis
Pocahontas, IA

I am 14 and I have only known Mark Grace since 2001 when he and the Diamondbacks won the World Series. Ever since he has been my favorite player. Who can’t like Gracie? He has to be one of the funniest guys in baseball - everything from “corking his bat” to doing the Mike Fetters impression on the mound. I also love how he doesn’t mind sitting on the bench while mentoring the younger players. While some players would leave the ball club or ask for more playing time, Mark Grace is perfectly fine with sitting and making pinch-hitting appearances. One other thing I admire about Gracie is his ability to make fun of himself. Always proclaiming that he’s ugly, etc. - it shows you that he doesn’t care about his image. I really admire him and I will continue to admire him as I go through life.

King of Prussia, PA

I used to think Mark Grace was a class act. I was so happy that he was able to escape Chicago and win a World Championship with Arizona. After what he said about Sammy Sosa, I think he’s a loser. He should worry more about that the fact that his team is a joke. With the two best pitchers in baseball, they shouldn’t be a sub .500 team. He’s supposed to be a leader and set an example, but his actions indicate otherwise.

Blake Sullivan
Nashville, TN

I have been watching Mark Grace play ever since I can remember. I think he is one of the best 1st baseman in his era. I have seen him play a few times and I am going to watch him play at Wrigley Field this year in August for the first time in my life. I am hoping to get his autograph. It is a treat to watch him play. I thought it was great when he won his World Series ring. He is my favorite player of all time.

Byron Beers
Tulsa, OK

I grew up watching the Cubs everyday on WGN and quickly became a fan. I will never forget the 1989 season, a season in which Grace quickly became one of the top young hitters in the game. I enjoyed watching Grace and Will Clark battle in the NL Championship series with their amazing hitting. Grace brings such an “old school” flavor to the game of baseball. I only wish we could see more of it in today’s game. I was so happy to see Grace win a much deserving World Series title with Arizona and even crush a home run at Yankee Stadium. I would like to see him stick around and collect his 3,000th career hit to add to his many accomplishments.

Steve S.
Milton, WI

I just wanted to tell you that your website is great.  It's nice to see a website dedicated to a great player and an all-around great guy.  Keep up the good work.

I have "met" Mark Grace once in 2001.  It was the last game of the season against the Brewers in Milwaukee.  I wore my Cubs Grace jersey that I had spent $150 on so I thought I could get him to notice me since I was sitting right at first base. Before the game, all the Diamondbacks were warming up and Grace was telling jokes to the crowd as he was throwing.  It was the closest I had ever been to my hero and I was so nervous.  I felt like I was 10 years old. I finally got up enough courage and yelled out amongst the other fans trying to get Mark's attention, "Hey Gracie!  Can you sign my jersey?"  He looked up from throwing and saw me and said jokingly, "That's a Cubs jersey, I play on the Diamondbacks now."  Then I said, "Yeah, I know, but I couldn't afford the D-Backs one yet."  Mark laughed and said, "OK buddy, let me hit quick." As he was taking batting practice, people started pushing their way ahead of me and I got pushed back aways.  After Mark was done, he told everyone to move and called me up to the wall.  We exchanged a few words while he signed my jersey and I told him that he's always been my hero growing up and I copied his swing and that he's a great player.  He told me that he really appreciated it and that he was glad that he had an impact on me and my baseball experience.  I told him thanks for signing my jersey and he said, "You're very welcome, thank you.  Enjoy the game." It was probably the greatest day of my life, and to top it off...He hit a homerun.

I just wanted to share my Mark Grace story with someone that would appreciate it as much as I did and do. Thanks again for having such a great website and being a fan of a great player.

Pastor T.
Citrus Heights, CA

I grew up a huge Cubs fan and idolized Ernie Banks, Ryno, Andre Dawson, heck even Mike Schmidt (which breaks all of the rules) but when Mark Grace hit the bigs in 1988, I was an instant fan. He has been my favorite player of all-time ever since. Mark brought something to the game that hadn't been seen since Mike Schmidt left, HEART. Sure it's easy to show heart on a perennial winner, but try it on a cellar dweller with an occasional playoff appearance. Now, as a Cub fan I was sad to see him leave, but as a realist I knew the Cubs weren't smart enough to keep him. He is the first player I rooted for in leaving, because I knew he was worthy of the ring he wears. Let's be real. There is no way on God's green earth he was getting a ring in Chi-town. To see him and Gonzo team up to clinch the Series for the D-Backs was truly special. And when Gracey went upper tank at Yankee Stadium, I about had a heart attack. Class guy all the way. I only hope he shows up in "The Jungle" long after he retires, so we can continue to be entertained by this ICON.
Michael G.
Muncie, IN

Well about 13 years ago while thumbing though my cousin's baseball cards, one in particular struck my attention. It was a 1989 Mark Grace Stadium Club card and it took some serious trading but I eventually struck up a deal to get the card and that is how my Mark Grace fan days began. I was about 8 years old at the time and didn't know much about baseball, all I knew was that it was a cool card and to buy more didn't take much money, although I don't know why seeing as how he was just a few votes shy of the Rookie Of The Year Award. Funny how he lost to Chris Sabo but where is he now.... haha. Anyways, since that time I have accumulated over 1100 cards and have at least 450 that are not doubles. I have always had respect for Grace and the fact that he is loyal to his team and fans. To find an athlete who is as dedicated and as good as he is, is rare these days. I guess all there is to say now is good luck this season Gracie and show them what you can do!
Mark B.
Highland, IN

First of all, your design of the website is outstanding. I have always considered myself a huge Grace fan, and will probably name a future daughter by that name. This past weekend I attended an auction for Lansing Association of
Retarded Citizens appreciation dinner. I have volunteered to work the silent auction for the past 5 years at this event. They also have a half dozen items raffled off in a live auction each year. This year Jerry Collangelo donated
an Arizona Diamondbacks replica jersey autographed by Mark Grace. I won this item in the live auction and it peaked my curiosity to see some other Mark Grace memorabilia. Your website reminded me why I have always liked Grace so much. Thanks for your efforts!
Shauna K.
Council Bluffs, IA

All through school, I played 1st base in softball. The Cubs were on everyday and I had to watch them, and even though they would lose, I loved them. I started liking him because he played 1st and had the same number as I did. Then as I got older I realized he was hot and continued to love him. It was a great thing for him to move to the Dbacks and I do envy his wife.
Stephanie S.
Chicago, IL

I like Mark because he is a good baseball player and a good person. I used to like the Chicago Cubs just because of him and now I like the Arizona Diamondbacks because he is on that team right now.
Laura N.
Madison WI

Mark Grace exemplifies every reason to be a baseball fan. Being a low-draft pick, working his way to the majors, and showing the professionalism 75% of sports athletes lack is why I like him so much. He puts in 110% every day & plays hurt. He accepts whatever is given to him. I had the pleasure of meeting him once in Milwaukee. He was cordial and extremely pleasant. He never balked at anyone asking for pictures or autographs. I honestly believe he enjoys it more than the fans. Cooperstown should induct him just for being one of the nicest players in the game.
Adam J.
Hendersonville, NC 

I watched as Mark came up to the Cubbies and I have watched his every move since. I was lucky to have met him in Winston-Salem, NC back in 1989 and he signed a ball for me as well as 3 of his rookie cards which I value very much! He is an awesome player and I have been fortunate enough to meet this spectacular man 7 times! I have several items bearing his signature as well as photographs of Mark and I in Chicago. He is a very nice and re-MARK-able man. I will continue to follow his every move as a player. And I can't wait to meet him soon!
G. Brown
Chicago, IL

I was born and raised in Chicago and I was also born and raised a Cubs fan. Before Grace came to the Cubs, I was a Jody Davis fan. But when Gracie came along, it all changed for me. I followed his every move in every game and admired him from afar. He is by far the best baseball player in my book. He's always smiling and giving great support to his team mates. I even got the lucky chance to meet him briefly in Philly back in 1989. I was the only fan he talked to and he signed my baseball which til this day I keep in a protected case. I am jealous everyone who knows him because he is the greatest man on earth in my eyes...(funny how I'm 27 and I still adore him and worship the ground he walks on). Like ALL Cubs fans, I was sad when he left the Cubbies but I understood why. Now my only question is, will he come back to Chicago as a sports caster for the Cubs? Only time will tell, but I hope he does. By the way, I have my 5 year old daughter loving Gracie too...like mother, like daughter! Anyway, I just want to wish Mark Grace the best for his future no matter what he decides to do from here on out. YOU ROCK GRACIE!!!!!!!!
Lisibonny B.
Santiago, Dominican Republic

I love Mark Grace! I think he is the greatest baseball player ever because of his profits as a player and leadership. I have been following Mark Grace since 1998 since he was a Cub and I’m glad that he is a Diamondback right now. Sorry, my English is so bad. Have you thought about making the web site in other languages?
Melissa Z.
Lombard, IL

I’ve been following Gracie since back in the late 80’s when he came up with the Cubbies. It broke my heart for years that he was on losing teams with the Cubs. When he signed with the D-backs in December 2000 I was disappointed that he wasn’t going to be staying in Chicago but I new with the D-backs this would be his only chance to get to the Series. I was lucky enough to see him out in Phoenix in game one of the series. I cried his first at bat, and when the D-backs were in Chicago this past August some friends and I stayed at the Westin Hotel where they visiting teams stay and was lucky enough to run into Gracie in the lobby. He was nice enough to take pictures with us and signed a baseball I had stashed in my purse “just in case.” I can’t say enough about how much of a class act he is.

Brett C.
Asheville, NC

I have been a Mark Grace fan since I was old enough to start understanding baseball. I’m only 15 now and he is my idol. It saddened me when the Cubs didn’t keep him, but it worked out for the best. I myself am a rising first baseman, left-handed as well, and I play just like him. I hope someday maybe I can take his place at first base for the D-Backs or Cubs.

Christina A.
Merrillan, WI

When I was younger and Mark was playing in Chicago I would watch games with my father. The thing that first caught my attention was Grace’s blue eyes. From then on my family called him my “#1 babe.” Since then I have matured and really enjoy watching someone who truly loves the game and is not in it just for the money. Grace embodies what old school baseball is all about. I respect that and I respect him.

Christin K.
Phoenix, AZ

The best thing that ever happened to me was Mark Grace moving to the D-Backs. He is so hot and I am jealous of his wife.
Rick H.
Wheeling, IL

I am a Mark Grace fan because he exemplifies what a baseball player should be. He displays, class, dignity and determination, not to mention the love for the game that only a few players display today. If there were more players like him the game would be in much better shape. I am very happy that he moved onto Arizona, otherwise he would still be chasing the ring that he got last year. It will be a sad day when he walks away from the game.
Taylor T.
Glendale, AZ

Mark Grace is so fine and he is definitely the best first baseman. I think he is so funny and he always has a smile on his face. Even though he is on the bench a lot, he still keeps on with his great attitude. His wife is so lucky! I know Mark Grace will pull through in the 2002 playoffs as he did before. I hope after his career he will think about being a coach of some sort.

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