On July 4, 1999, all-star catcher Jason Kendall of the Pittsburgh Pirates suffered a horrific injury. In a game against the Milwaukee Brewers, Kendall was trying to leg out a bunt when he stepped on the side of first base awkwardly and caught his cleats. His momentum caused his right ankle to shatter, one bone visibly sticking through his sock. The injury was replayed on sports TV shows for many days afterwards.

The following day, the Pirates began a new series with the Chicago Cubs. With Jason in the hospital, many members of the Cubs team, including managers and coaches, signed the "get well" greeting card pictured above, and had it delivered to Jason's hospital room. Notable names on it include Mark Grace, Sammy Sosa, Jim Riggleman, Ed Lynch, Gary Gaetti, Billy Williams, Steve Trachsel, Jon Lieber, Mickey Morandini, Jeff Blauser, and Tyler Houston.

Cryptically, Grace signed the card "Miss Your Bullshit Red Ass! Keep Swinging! Mark Grace."

This card was left in the room, and a hospital attendant picked it up after Jason was moved out of it.


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