Mark Grace studio photograph, 2000 (autographed).

Mark Grace studio photograph, 2000.

These five photos showcase Grace during his rookie season of 1988.

Late 1980's photos of a young, clean-shaven, fresh-faced Grace.
On the road and at home, Grace earned the Captain's "C"
on his sleeve for taking charge on the field.
Years of playing on sub .500 teams produced plenty of moments of frustration,
yet Grace became a fan favorite by coming to the park each day with a smile on his face
and an "it's a new day" philosophy.

Collisions at home plate are a staple of Grace's hard-nosed style of play.

At least these types of collisions don't require the assistance of a Chicago or Cincinnati criminal attorney to sort out, although an umpire would consider an intentional collision an illegal play.

Mark and Sammy were the unquestioned leaders of the Cubs during the 1990's.

Mark in 1998. The Cubs' pennant hopes often rode on his shoulders.

Mark was the first player to congratulate Mark McGwire
after his historic 62nd homerun in 1998.
One of Mark's happiest moments as a Cub came after the Cubs won the 1998 NL wild card.
Though he often jokingly referes to himself as "ugly,"
Grace's rugged good looks have earned him legions of female fans. is not affiliated with Mark Grace, his management or Major League Baseball.
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