As one can imagine, Mark Grace receives lots of fan mail. By all accounts, Mark does usually answer his mail, although it can take several months or more for a response.

If you are attempting to have Mark autograph an item, you can increase your chance for success by including a self-addressed stamped envelope with the correct postage for the weight of the item to be returned to you. You should never expect Mark or any other player to pay for return postage or provide you with free souveniers. Such requests will largely be ignored. If you send an item and do not include a way for Mark to easily return it, you may never have your item returned.

In his current capacity of Assistant Hitting Coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks, letters to Mr. Grace should be sent to the following address:

Mr. Mark Grace
Arizona Diamondbacks
Chase Field
401 East Jefferson Street
Phoenix, AZ 85001

Sorry, there is no email address available for Mark Grace.
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